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The aspiration of the page that appears before you covering the topic of football handicapping odds class is to lay down a short and at the same time constructive introduction to the characteristics of football handicapping odds class, and then to review main problems of what all you readers out there should pay attention to.

Most novice online betting gamblers end up losing their shirts year in and year out, most failures can be directly attributed to poor money management practices but many more failures are also due to a complete lack of knowledge with regard to how to handicap that particular sport and the factors/situations that come into play week in and week out. First of all a “Point Spread” is defined as a number placed on an event for wagering purposes and is often expressed in terms of the amount of points one side must spot the other side as a means of evening the playing field for both the favorite and underdog.

In most cases a moneyline is also attached to the same event so that a bet gambler may simply wager on either the favorite or underdog to win without having to lay points, keep in mind that its usually football and basketball games that have point spreads. There is one bit of crucial advice that you need to understand when online betting: Keep your eyes and ears open ! That’s right, you must use the radio, TV, and newspapers to gain information and dissect what is important and what is not and then act upon the important information before the rest of the world does, this will give you a cyber sportsbooks edge.

To ensure that you have a bet online edge, get in the habit of listening to sports talk shows on the radio, know what time the nightly sports show comes on television, pay special attention to the sports section in the newspaper each morning over coffee or breakfast. The idea is to absorb as much online sports betting information as you can through out the week and prior to game time, know who is returning from an injury or who is nursing a nagging knee or ankle injury that may slow them down, know if there are a lot of injuries along the offensive or defensive lines which can impact the upcoming game, know if a team is playing at home and if there are any possible weather concerns.

You have a wealth of information at your fingertips with regard to the teams that you’ll bet on and in most cases this information can be accessed by you before the rest of the betting public learns about it and you can use this to your advantage. If you want to defeat the posted point spread you have to look for cyber bet edges and often an edge can be found by concentrating on information about the teams that you’ll bet on.